2021 KLA Class Schedule

PAS Associates Classroom

1401 19th Street, Suite 110
Bakersfield, CA 93301

Class 1 – Orientation, Leadership

Faculty in Charge: Michael Turnipseed, Executive Director, Kern County Taxpayers Association

Objectives: Orientation: Opening Remarks; Self-Introductions; Introduction to the Academy; What is effective leadership? Class bonding.


September 9, 2021 – Thursday LIVE

Class 2 – Ethics, Leadership, Critical Thinking

Faculty in Charge:  Steven Gamboa, Associate Professor and Chair of Philosophy, CSUB; Michael Burroughs, Director of the Kegley Institute of Ethics and Associate Professor of Philosophy, CSUB

Objective: Relating Leadership with Ethics; Learning to Think Critically and with an Open Mind; Developing Moral Imagination

Topics: What is leadership? What is ethics, and how does it differ from other decision-making? What’s different about critical thinking (and reading and listening)? What are the processes to define good ethical choices? What role does character play in ethical leadership? Combining ethics fundamentals with critical thinking to develop moral imagination.


September 13, 2021 – Monday LIVE

Class 3 – Social Capital

Faculty in Charge: Rich Ryan, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Economics, California State University, Bakersfield

Objectives: TBD


September 16, 2021 – Thursday LIVE

Class 4– Community Leadership: The View from the Dias

Faculty in Charge: Keith Wolaridge, Trustee, Panama-Buena Vista School District.

Objectives:  How does one’s view of the world change when elected to public office.

Panel:  Leticia Perez, Kern County Board of Supervisors; Jeff Flores, Kern High School District;


September 20, 2021 – Monday

Class 5 – Homelessness

Location: Field Trip TBD

Faculty in Charge:  Amanda Ruiz, Kern County CAO’s Office, Fiscal, and Policy Analyst.;  Anna Laven, Ph D, Executive Director, Bakersfield-Kern Regional Homeless Collaborative

Objectives: Who are the homeless?  Why are they homeless? What is being done to address homelessness?  Are there any genuinely effective solutions?


September 23, 2021 – Thursday

Class 6 (1)– B3K Prosperity

Faculty in Charge: Kristen Beall Watson, Ed.D., California State University, Bakersfield

Objectives: TBD

(2) Changing Demographics

Faculty in Charge:  Dr. Richard Gearhart, Assistant Professor of Economics, CSUB; 

Objectives: To provide an objective overview of Kern County, Status, Challenges, a look at the future.


September 27, 2021 – Monday

Class 7– Kern County Energy Production

Faculty in Charge: Robin Fleming

Objectives: Introduction to California’s Energy Capital


September 30, 2021 – Thursday

Class 8 – Public EducationLocation:  Off Site KHSD Career Training Education Center (CTEC), 7301 Old River Road, Bakersfield, CA 93311

Faculty in Charge: Dr.Bryon Schaefer, Superintendent, Kern High School District

Objectives: To provide an objective overview of issues that affect our local education system, from K-12 to life-long learning.


October 4, 2021 – Monday

Class 9 (1)– Equality is not Equity.

Faculty in Charge:  Dr. Lisa Gilbert, Kern County Superintendent of Schools

Objectives: Equality is treating everyone the same and giving everyone access to the same opportunities. Equity refers to proportional representation (by race, class, gender, etc.).  Equality is the “quality or state of being equal,” where equal is defined as having the same measurement in quality, nature, or status. Equitable is “dealing fairly and equally with all concerned.”

(2) – Civic Leadership: Addressing Societal Needs

Faculty in Charge: Karen Goh, Garden Pathways

Location:  Field Trip 34th Street (Memorial Hospital Parking Lot)/1401 19th Street

Objectives: An examination of real-world issues not discussed during political campaigns and public meetings.


October 7, 2021 – Thursday

Class 10 (2)–  Being an Effective Community Advocate  

Faculty in Charge: Romeo Agbalog, Kern County Farm Bureau

Objectives: TBD

Kern County 2030

Faculty in Charge:  Dr. Nyakundi Michieka, Assistant Professor of Economics, CSUB; Dr. Mark Evans, Professor Emeritus, School of Business and Public Administration (BPA), CSUB.

Objectives:  Some of the many ways people give back to their communities through philanthropy or being a community advocate.Presentation on what Kern County could look like in 2030


October 11, 2021 – Monday

Class 11 –Financing Local Government

Faculty in Charge:  Jim Zervis, Chief Operating Officer, County of Kern, and E Martinez, Deputy County Administrative Officer at Kern County

Objectives:  To provide an overview of the fundamentals of financing local government.


October 14, 2021 – Thursday

Class 12 – The San Joaquin Valley

Faculty in Charge: Barry Hibbard, ASU Associates

Objectives: To provide an objective overview of our valley’s economy, issues, and opportunities; and the effects on Kern County.


October 18, 2021 – Monday

Class 13– “Poverty, Policy, & Educational Justice in Kern County: Examining the Past and Future Possibilities.”

Faculty in Charge: Dr. Oliver Rosales, Professor of History and Faculty Coordinator of the Social Justice Institute at Bakersfield College.

Objectives: This collaborative seminar will feature Professors Brittney Beck (CSUB), Adam Sawyer (CSUB), and Oliver Rosales (Bakersfield College) in an overview of a collaborative project examining the intersections of poverty, policy, and educational justice in Kern County.


October 21, 2021 – Thursday

Class 14 (1)– Introduction to State Issues

Faculty in Charge:  Assemblyman Vince Fong


(2) Ag and Water Issues

Faculty in Charge:  Melissa Frank, Wonderful Orchards ZOOM

Objectives: To provide an objective overview of our state government, economy, issues and opportunities, and the effects on Kern County.  The core issues that affect Kern County agriculture.


October 25, 2021 -Monday

Class 15 – Healthcare:

Faculty in Charge: Stacy Kuwahara, Kern County Director, Behavioral Health Services. 

Objectives: Understand the Kern Mental Health plan’s scope of services provided, how it reaches both Medi-cal Beneficiaries, Indigent (non-insurance) and privately insured.

Increase awareness of the large scale, often unseen influence and costs of mental health and substance use across personal, family/caregiver and community impacts.

Have a brief overview of the significant changes in behavioral health through the year and the impacts this has had on service delivery for mental health. Understand the current focus of initiatives for mental health, locally and across the state and what is anticipated for mental health services in the future.


October 28, 2021 Thursday

Class 16 – Local Government

Faculty in Charge: TBD

Objectives: TBA


November 1, 2021 – Monday

Class 17 – Kegley Institute, CSUB, Fall Lecture Series

Faculty in Charge: Michael Burroughs, Kegley, Institute, CSUB

Objectives: TBA


November 4, 2021 – Thursday  LIVE

Class 18 – Final Thoughts

Faculty in Charge: Steven Gamboa, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, CSUB; CSUB; Michael Burroughs, Director of the Kegley Institute of Ethics and Assistant Professor of Philosophy, CSUB; Michael Turnipseed, Kern County Taxpayers Association

Objectives: Bringing it all together; seeing how ethics and character underlie the entire process; reviewing the Academy, and making suggestions for 2021.


November 8, 2021 – Monday MAKEUP NIGHT


November 17, 2021 – Wednesday Commencement