2024 KLA Class Schedule

Unless indicated otherwise, all classes will be conducted at KernTax Conference Room, Kress Building, 1401 19th Street, Suite 204, Bakersfield, 93301.

September 4, 2024, Wednesday
Class 1 – Orientation, Leadership
Faculty in Charge:
Michael Turnipseed, Executive Director, Kern County Taxpayers Association
Objectives: Orientation: Opening Remarks; Self-Introductions; Introduction to the Academy; What is effective leadership? Class bonding.

September 9, 2024, Monday
Class 2 – Ethical Leadership
Faculty in Charge:
Nate Olson, Ph. D., Associate Professor of Philosophy, Chair of the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, and Interim Director of the Kegley Institute of Ethics at California State University, Bakersfield (CSUB), Kallee McCullough, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Assistant Director, the Kegley Institute of Ethics, CSUB;
Objective: Ethical leadership emphasizes moral behavior, honest principles, and values. It not only focuses on achieving organizational goals but also prioritizes doing so in a morally and socially responsible manner. Ethical leaders set a positive example and promote ethical conduct throughout the organization.

September 12, 2024, Thursday
Class 3- Critical Thinking
Faculty In charge:
Steven Gamboa, Associate Professor and Chair of Philosophy, CSUB;
Objective: Learning to Think Critically with an Open Mind
Topics: Critical thinking is a valuable skill that involves analyzing and evaluating information, arguments, and situations systematically and logically.

September 16, 2024 – Monday
Class 4a – Five Pillars/Decisions from the Dias
Faculty in Charge:
Keith Wolaridge, Trustee, Panama-Buena Vista School District.
Objectives: Every obstacle provides an opportunity to improve one’s circumstances.
Class 4b – Leading and Managing Group Processes
Faculty in Charge:
Morgan Clayton, Tel-Tec Security
Objective: Group process refers to the behaviors of the members of small working groups that engage in decision-making and task performance. It encompasses the study of how group members’ characteristics interact with their behavior to create effective or ineffective group performance.

September 18, 2024– Wednesday
Class 5 – Homelessness
Location: TBA
Faculty in Charge:
Amanda Ruiz, Kern County CAO’s Office, Fiscal and Policy Analyst; Lauren Skidmore, CEO of the Open-Door Network.
Objectives: Who are people experiencing homelessness? Why are they homeless? What is being done to address homelessness? Are there any genuinely effective solutions?

September 23, 2024 – Monday
Class 6 – Kern County Public Health
Faculty in Charge:
Alison Burrows, Director, Kern County Behavioral Health Behavioral Health Services.
Objectives: Understand the scope of public health services and how they reach Medi-Cal Beneficiaries, Indigent (non-insurance), and privately insured. Increase awareness of the large-scale, often unseen influence and costs of providing public healthcare to the county’s most disadvantaged. Understand the current focus of initiatives for public health, locally and across the state, and what is anticipated moving forward.

September 26, 2024- Thursday NO CLASS

September 30, 2024 – Monday
Class 8-Change Management and Innovation Leadership
Faculty in Charge:
Mary Barlow, PhD, Kern County superintendent of Schools, Retired
Objectives: Understanding change dynamics; building an ambidextrous organization; crafting effective leadership styles; navigating resistance and politics; and linking personal and organizational renewal.

October 2, 2024 – Wednesday
Class 9– Building a 21st-Century Workforce
Off-Site KHSD Career Training Education Center (CTEC), 7301 Old River Road, Bakersfield, CA 93311
Faculty in Charge: Mike Zulfa, PhD, Superintendent, Kern High School District, Brian Miller, ROC/CTEC Principal,
Objectives: Creating a 21st Century Workforce.

October 7, 2024 – Monday
Class 10 – “Poverty and Policy in Kern County: Examining the Past and Future Possibilities.”
Faculty in Charge:
Jessica Grimes, Ph.D., Dean of Economic and Workforce Development, Kern Community College District,
Objectives: Addressing poverty through public policy requires a comprehensive and multi-faceted approach.

October 10, 2024– Thursday
Class 11- Addressing Societal Needs
Faculty in Charge:
Juan Avila, Garden Pathways.
Objectives: Examining real-world issues not discussed during political campaigns and public meetings.

October 14, 2024– Monday
Class 12- Planning for Kern County’s Future
Faculty in Charge:
Lorelei Oviatt, Director, KC Planning and Natural Resources Department
Objectives: To provide an overview of the issues facing Kern County’s largest and most diverse economic sector.

October 16, 2024 – Wednesday
Class 13a – Changing Demographics
Faculty in Charge:
Dr. Richard Gearhart, Assistant Professor of Economics, CSUB.
Objectives: To provide an overview of Kern County, its current status and challenges, and a look at the future.
Class 13b – Kern County 2034
Faculty in Charge:
Dr. Nyakundi Michieka, Assistant Professor of Economics, CSUB; Dr. Mark Evans, Professor Emeritus, School of Business and Public Administration (BPA), CSUB.
Objectives: Presentation on what Kern County could look like in 2033.

October 21, 2024 – Monday
Class 14a – Issues (Challenges) Facing regional, private and public sectors
Faculty: Jim Damian, Economic Development Director, Kern County
Collaboration between public and private sectors at the regional level is crucial to address regional challenges effectively. Public-private partnerships, data-driven decision-making, and adaptive leadership play pivotal roles in overcoming obstacles and fostering sustainable growth.
Class 14b – Ag and Water Issues
Faculty in Charge:
Arianna Joven, Wonderful Orchards, and Jenny Holtermann, Water Association of Kern County
Objectives: An overview of issues challenging the ag industry, with an emphasis on water

October 24, 2024 – Thursday
Class 7- Understanding Community Systems and Community Problem Solving
Faculty in Charge:
Christian Clegg, Bakersfield City Manager
Objectives: Community systems are community-led structures and mechanisms used by communities through which community members and community-based organizations and groups interact, coordinate, and deliver their responses to the challenges and needs affecting their communities. Analyzing community problems is a way of thinking carefully about a problem or issue before acting on a solution. It first involves identifying reasons a problem exists and then identifying possible solutions and a plan for improvement.

October 28, 2023 – Monday
Class 15 Financing Local Government
Faculty in Charge:
Elsa Martinez, Interim County Administrative Officer,Kern County.
Objectives: To provide an overview of the fundamentals of financing local government and Kern County’s financial challenges.

October 30, 2023 – Wednesday
Class 16 – Introduction to Municipal Government
Faculty in Charge:
Scott Hurlbert, City Manager Wasco
Objectives: To provide an objective overview of governance at the local level (city/county), including state impacts, budget challenges, public safety, and job creation.

November 4, 2023 – Monday
Class 17- Economic Development: How We Compete and What Are the Customers Saying
Faculty in Charge:
Barry Hibbard, ASU Associates
Objectives: Discussion on the Economic future of Kern County and the Central Valley.

November 6, 2024 – Wednesday
Class 18– Final Thoughts
Faculty in Charge:
Nate Olson, Ph. D., Associate Professor of Philosophy, Chair of the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, and Interim Director of the Kegley Institute of Ethics at California State University, Bakersfield (CSUB), Kallie McCullough, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Assistant Director, the Kegley Institute of Ethics, CSUB; Michael Turnipseed, Kern County Taxpayers Association
Objectives: Bringing it all together; seeing how ethics and character underlie the entire process; reviewing the Academy and making class suggestions for 2024.

November 11, 2024 – Monday MAKE UP

November 13, 2024 – Thursday
Commencement Dinner at Bakersfield Country Club 6:30-9:00