Welcome to Kern Leaders Academy Welcome to Kern Leaders Academy
Presenting the Class of 2023

Extensive Academy Education and Training Program

The Kern Leaders Academy, an exclusive program, handpicks community leaders each year to partake in its extensive education and training. This program, conducted by the Kern County Taxpayers Education Fund, spans nine weeks and includes a total of 72 hours of instruction.

  • The Academy equips community leaders with practical skills, teaching them how to effectively listen to constituents, seek knowledge, and make independent decisions. These skills are crucial for any community leader.
  • Successful graduates will feel inspired, knowing they have the expertise and vision not just to promote their services as community leaders but to offer creative solutions that can genuinely transform Kern County’s challenges into opportunities.

2024 Academy Topics Include:

  • Orientation, Leadership
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Critical Thinking
  • Five Pillars/View from the Dias
  • Leading and Managing Group Processes
  • Homelessness
  • Understanding Public Healthcare Challenges
  • Change Management and Innovation Leadership
  • Building a 21st-Century Workforce
  • “Poverty and Policy in Kern County: Examining the Past and Future Possibilities”
  • Addressing Societal Needs
  • Kern County’s Evolving Energy Portfolio
  • Changing Demographics
  • Kern County 2034
  • Challenges Facing Regional, Private and Public Sectors
  • Ag and Water Issues
  • Understanding Community Systems and Community Problem Solving
  • Financing Local Government
  • Introduction to Local Government
  • Economic Development: How We Compete and What Are the Customers Saying
  • Final Thoughts


Kern Leaders Academy
c/o Kern County Taxpayers
Education Fund, Inc.
1401 19th Street, Suite 200
Bakersfield, CA 93301-4400

Phone: 661-322-2973

The Project Vision

The Kern Leaders Academy is an innovative community leadership program that aims to cultivate visionary leaders who understand the importance of a robust business environment for a thriving economy and a thriving economy for a vibrant community. The Academy offers education and training to civic, professional, and business leaders with exceptional leadership potential, equipping them with the skills and vision needed to address the challenges faced by Kern County creatively.

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2023 Kern Leaders Academy Commencement

Left to Right: Seated:  Malicka Almansoob, Marianna Buoni, Jenny Magana, Gurtar Kaur, Jacqueline Aguilar Standing:  Gabriel

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